Banana Kong Mod Apk Free Shoping

Banana Kong Mod Apk - a mother monkey looking for food this penchant to run, glide, fly, to dive in order to collect the bananas are ripe. The Ape is also pursuing as soon as possible and as much time as possible to get the banana.

He was sometimes forced to crash into hard objects in pursuit of time. While running, the mother saves baby monkeys alone and immediately carry. When you see the ropes, reach it and use for hanging. You will pass the river as well, since apes can not beranang, he takes a leap high and far by using reflectors there.

Fly with the help of birds passing by, because it is not possible to pass down and ran. Although apes can not swim, but he was good at diving. Be careful with electric fish, if you touch it will be stung. Earn turtles, fast swimmer to speed dives.

Banana Kong Mod Apk

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